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Manufacturing Facilities
We are one of the largest manufacturers in Pakistan. One of the secrets to our quality production is that we prefer the best machinery for our plant so that quality is never compromised. Our plant is a combination of state of the art machinery from the most reputable machinery suppliers and manufacturers in the in the world plastic industry. We have always kept upto date with the latest developments in the industry so that the benefits of these innovations are transferred to our valued customers.
High Speed Plastic Flat Yarn Extrusion Machinery
We have 4 High Speed Extrusion Lines for producing flat yarn of Poly Propylene or High Density Poly Ethylene Material. The Combined Production Capacity of our extrusion lines is 400 Metric Tons Per Month.
Six Shuttle , High Speed Circular Weaving Machinery
We have the latest high tech circular looms from the most reputable manufacturers like STARLINGER (Austria) and LOHIA Starlinger ( INDIA). These latest machines ensure that the quality of the woven fabric is of supreme quality and with the most minimum variation in size and weave density compared to any other machinery.
Complimenting our main extrusion and weaving machinery  , we have complete inhouse processing and finishing equipments for cutting, stitching, lamination , printing and packing of bags.
- Automatic Cutting and Stitching Machines
- Flexographic Printing Machines - HDPE/LDPE  Liners, Shopping Bag making Machines
- Lamination Machinery
-Gravure Printing Machinery
All our machinery is imported from the most reputable machinery manufacturers in the plastics industry. Our major machinery suppliers are based in Europe, India and Taiwan.
Film Laminated Bags
PP Woven bags
Plain Laminated PP Woven Bags
Polyethylene Bags
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